Tuesday, August 26, 2014

12th Beta Released!

This update contains many bug fixes, new features and most importantly new active talents and introduction passive talents.


Bugs and Mistakes
- Hellfire is affected by resting now
- Shield Bash now checks if shield is equipped
- Holy Shield is displayed correctly in character screen if no shield is equipped
- Holy Fire had wrong text
- Area of effect spells no longer damage through walls
- Scroll of visibility refreshes screen now on reading instead of the next turn
- Fixed a bug with not all tiles being revealed with scroll of visibility or pre-revealed maps
- First level of castle had wrong text on exit
- Cleave requires now a weapon that is equipped
- Fixed a bug with melee range auto target for enemies that are out of melee range
- Pain Tolerance is counted now with Damage Reduction in Character Screen
- Casting spells while stealthed now removes Stealth
- Fixed Invisibility being cancelled with some spells even if player cancelled casting
- Fixed being unarmed in some cases if wearing a shield
- Fixed a bug where the wounded man in Undershire died at wrong coordinates
- Monster poisoning is counted at the beginning of its turn as it is with player's poisoning instead of at the end of the turn
- Stealth attack now calculates correctly damage
- Some undocumented bug fixes

- Arrows, bolts and bullets are no longer unlimited; each class with starting ranged weapons starts with 50 projectiles and more can be bought
- New feature: internal clock, displayed with diary entries
- New feature: Journal; opened with Tab key and contains open quests previously seen with 'q' and Diary that contains quest information and other stuff
- Walls can be no longer targeted
- Spell graphics now take into account walls
- Targeting without enemies in fov now picks always a tile that's not blocked
- Victory now returns to main menu instead of back to game and requiring to press esc
- Spell Damage is displayed on user interface
- Spell Resistance renamed to Resistance
- Added penalty of 5% to shooting missiles into targets that are in the next tile

Spells and Talents
- Stunning Plam has now targeting tile
- Circular Kick has now graphics on which tiles it hits and also targeting tile
- Cleave has now graphics on which tiles it hits
- Talents are accessed now from keyboard keys 1-4 instead of 'm'
- Some changes and improvements to existing Talents
- Ranger no longer is able to use Stealth
- New Talent Descriptions
- New Talent for Fighter: Overpower; next 6 melee hits do additional 2 damage
- New Talent for Paladin: Lay on Hands; heal self for 33% of maximum health
- New Talent for Monk: Palm of Death; critical hits will slay target
- New Talent for Ranger: Steady Aim; +5 To Hit Bonus for 50 turns
- New Talent for Ranger: Place Trap; place trap that deals damage to one target that steps on it
- New Talent for Rogue: Hamstring; slow enemy's movement rate by 50%
- New Talent for Bard: Song of Piercing Pain; damage dealing song
- New Talent for Cleric: Exorcism; essentially single-target Turn Undead but on demons and possessed humans
- New Talent for Mage: Fire Shield; damages enemies within 1 tile
- New Talent for Druid: Calm Animal; natural animal won't attack player
- Introduction of Passive Talents which are various buffs; 3 for every class at levels 3, 9 and 15 
- Divine Shield renamed to Holy Barrier
- Holy Fire renamed to Holy Pillar of Fire
- Cleave is guaranteed hit
- Circular Kick is guaranteed hit
- Stealth cannot be entered with Armor Penalty greater than 0
- Equipping and unequipping items while stealthed removes stealth
- Shapeshift increases melee damage

- Castle courtyard redesigned
- New tile for castle wall
- Cottage map redesigned

- Max level is doubled and leveling speed doubled but leveling bonuses halved

- Hound enemies receive now only one attack per turn but retain their two moves per turn
- Liches renamed to hellcasters
- Hounds of hell renamed to hellhounds

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beta 11 Released!

Bugs and mistakes
- Marwal's tile is now as it should be
- Spellbook of confusion had accidentally wrong color
- It is no longer possible to return to hell with a scroll of recall after closing the portal
- Cleric main quest reward works now
- Some inconsistensies fixed
- Holy Fire radius is now 2 instead of 3
- Some spells were missing combat messages
- Fixed a bug with auto target on bridge map
- Belt had wrong ascii char
- End boss area had wrong Area text

- Gradient fov with objects work in ascii mode
- Death screen displays killer
- Death inventory is improved; no more item names going out of screen
- Ending narration
- Graveyard menu in main menu displays last five hardcore deaths
- Improved door placement

- End boss is capable of using spells
- Dragons of hell are capable of using spells
- Dragons of hell have red dragon tiles instead of skeletal
- Boss balances

- Enemy spell cast has violet message
- Divine resistance offers complete protection against status effects such as confusion and stun instead of immunity to one element
- Area of effect spells have now graphics

- Doors to empty houses have been locked
- World Map redesigned
- Altar room redesigned
- Crypt redesigned
- Bridge redesigned
- Ancient Temple redesigned
- Great Hall redesigned
- North & South Hall redesigned
- Mining station renamed to Overseer's room

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beta 10.1 Released!


Bugs and mistakes
- Fixed a crash when dark one overseer drops a magical leather armor
- Smite actually works on demons instead of previously on undead

Monday, July 14, 2014

Beta 10 Released!


Bugs and mistakes
- Monk started with the location of mines in the map
- Monster resistance has been fixed with new Spell Resistance stat; previously used system made accidentally some monsters have over 250% resist
- Buying unusable items displayed unusable in the message
- Removed debug message when bandit archer dies
- Fixed a small bug regarding enemies at explored cell but not in fov
- Royal archers are now royal arbalists and shoot bolts
- Fixed scroll of recall in the lower parts of the dungeons
- Fixed cottage crash

- Improved shop menu; selling item menus now work in both ways
- Selling and buying items will now return to the dialogue instead of game
- Talent menus work in both ways
- New stat: Spell Resistance; ability to resist status effects of spells
- Class descriptions when starting a new game
- Some new menu graphics
- Stone of Recall has a new tile now

- Hell is 4 floors shorter

- Alignment is shown in the character screen
- Players resistances are calculated with Spell Resistance stat instead of player level
- Paladin's Smite changed from general double damage with charisma bonus to double damage to demon with charisma bonus
- Input name accepts only A-z, 0-9 and ' and -

- Monsters resistances are calculated with Spell Resistance stat instead of dungeon level / 3   

- New unique items at smith
- Quiver of arrows renamed to quiver
- Quiver tile contains both bolts and arrows to reflect the single quiver used for both bows and crossbows
- Crossbows shoot with bolt graphic